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Business model

  • Our business model is supported by four pillars that together leverage the cash conversion cycle through efficient construction, sales and accounts receivable processes:
  • 1st Pillar – Contracted launch: we start sales when the project is properly approved by the financial institutions qualified to operate in the Casa Verde e Amarela Program, avoiding financing risks and enabling the transferred sale (or transfer to the plant).
  • 2nd Pillar – Transferred sale: all of our projects are included in the associative credit modality, allowing the customer to sign their financing with financial institutions (“transfer”) in the initial stage of construction, reducing the risk of cancellations (“resignations”) and accelerating the cash conversion cycle.
  • 3rd Pillar – Selling in own stores: the transferred sale require specialized knowledge, we belive that the in-house sale force with correctly incentives enhances the customer experience when buying your property.
  • 4th Pillar – Standardized construction method: the industrial approach permeates our business model, standardized projects using the concrete wall with aluminum forms construction method allows us to continuously improve with a fast construction cycle, optimizing costs, minimizing waste and bringing greater efficiency in the management of capital employed.


Tenda (Aluminum Molds)

    • The industrialization of civil construction is part of our DNA, since 2013 Tenda has been developing projects using concrete wall with aluminum forms technology, enhancing the construction cycle that is more agile compared to the traditional method of structural masonry.
  • The aluminum molds act as a temporary structure, whose objective is to mold the fresh concrete until the material acquired sufficient strength for the deformation. With well-planned processes from assembly to disassembly of the form, we have acquired over the years expertise in incorporating concepts from production engineering to civil engineering, gaining productivity on construction sites.
  • Present in 10 metropolitan regions and with more than 120 thousand units delivered throughout its history, the Company produces 40 m² apartments with 2 bedrooms, a living room, kitchen and bathroom that are part of group 2 of the Casa Verde e Amarela Program (PCVA).

Regiões de Atuação


Alea (Painéis de Wood-Frame)

  • O modelo de negócio da Tenda, que consiste em construir apartamentos em grandes regiões metropolitanas usando a tecnologia construtiva de parede de concreto com forma de alumínio, demostrou-se vencedor ao longo da trajetória de reformulação da empresa iniciada 2012.

  • No entanto, esse método construtivo exige anualmente uma demanda mínima produtiva local para ser economicamente viável. No Brasil, existem 13 regiões metropolitanas que viabilizam essa continuidade produtiva, a Tenda está presente em 10 dessas regiões com previsão de operar nas demais ao longo dos próximos anos.

  • A Alea nasce com o objetivo de endereçar o crescimento da Companhia através da construção off-site, que consiste em produzir as unidades habitacionais em um ambiente fabril realizando somente a montagem no canteiro de obra.